Full-Time Manager For Puerto Rico's #1 Hostel (2019 Hoscar Winner & #1 TripAdvisor)


We are looking to add a full-time manager to our team, since we are opening a new location only 60 meters / 180 feet away from our current location.

Required Skills: Customer Service, Organizing, Time Management, Management Experience, Minor Maintenance Skills (Painting, Door Knob, Light Fixture, etc)

Desired Skills (Ideal Candidate): Medium Maintenance Skills (Tiling, Plumbing, Drywall, Concrete / Plaster Repair), Organizational Skills, some Spanish good, but not required.

If you are interested, please read through the below JOB DESCRIPTION and EXAMPLE OF DAILY SCHEDULE, before you APPLY USING THIS APPLICATION LINK: https://goo.gl/forms/7juIbD4gpyUZR0Ld2

NAME: Mango Mansion™ (2019 Hoscar Winner - Best Hostel in Puerto Rico and #1 TripAdvisor)
LOCATION: Condado Beach area of San Juan, Puerto Rico (U.S. Territory)
UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION: Tropical Bunk & Breakfast™ (Hybrid between Hostel & Bed and Breakfast)
AMENITIES: Included with your stay
SIZE: Capacity 44 (36 Guest Bunks, 6 Staff Bunks & 2 Manager Spaces)

Best Location (Closest to Beach & Nightlife
Mango Pods Bunkbeds
Air Conditioning (8pm to 8am)
Big Breakfast
Sheets & Towels
Fiber Optic Internet


Workaway Staff Recruitment
All Staff Training
Execution of tips and other incentives for performance and feedback weekly
Facilitate conflict resolution between staff members

Supervising check in and check out procedures
Performing all normal checkouts between 8-11
Tracking guest reactions and information for follow up email and entering it into guest database.
Interact with guests. Providing local and regional information
Respond to emails, phone calls, facebook messages and trip advior questions
Record and respond to guest concerns
Maintain accurate reservation information
Update bed allocation for online booking sites

Ensure quality standards for cleanliness
Conduct daily spot evaluations
Ensure that regulations for safety and sanitation are being met
Organize and implement a rotating schedule for deep cleaning each area of the hostel
Collect a list of maintenance issues that are found while cleaning

Maintain the hostel facilities in proper working order
Conduct simple Maintenance in house or contract worker to complete larger projects or problems
Respond to guest and staff feedback regarding broken or malfunctioning items
Arrange and implement a preventative maintenance schedule
Conduct routine site inspections to identify and resolve problems with the facilities

Monitor inventory levels weekly and place orders for products and supplies:
Daily: Fresh Inventories
Weekly: Full Inventories

Maintain accurate records of expenses and revenue
Organize and distribute weekly tips and other fees payable to staff
Track daily envelopes and turn in weekly with withdrawal, expense receipts and settlements.

Outline standards of quality and devise a method to measure and evaluate each one
Conduct regular daily audits to ensure quality

Create and follow a plan to maintain the desired atmosphere in the hostel
Organize and execute special events
Record duties, expenses, challenges, successes and areas for improvement for each event for replication
Engage guests directly
Plan simple weekly family dinners
Plan celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries or other special life events for staff

TOTAL COMPENSATION: $2,105-2,465/month
- Studio Apartment (All Utilities, Wifi, etc), Value $600/month
- Cell Phone, Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Music, Value $80/month
- Base Pay $1125/month
- Performance Bonus $170-500/month
- Contract Completion $130-160/month

APPLICATION: https://goo.gl/forms/7juIbD4gpyUZR0Ld2


Morning walk through (07:45-08:00)
- Check on breakfast
- Walk through property, check bathrooms and common areas
- Check envelope and add last minute reservations/changes

Monitor Breakfast, Check-Outs & Laundry (08:00-12:00)
- Help out with breakfast, socialize with guests, eat breakfast
- Be available for checkouts before 11am, Late Fee Starting 11:15am
- Some project work (0-2 hours Depending on Occupancy)

Project Time (Varies 1-3 hrs Depending on Occupancy 12:00-15:00)

On Call (Available on Cell and within 15 minute walk of property 15:00-23:15am)
- Check ins (15:00-23:00)
- Switchover (15:30-16:15)
- Quick walkthrough
- Cross check available beds/keys to remaining check-ins.
- Walk through/Co-host Break (~20:00-20:30)

Daily Envelopes & Close Out (~22:30-23:15)
- Walk through property, check bathrooms and common areas
- Cross check todays envelope to system (ensuring all check-ins etc)
- Create envelope for next day

Overnight On-Call (23:15-07:45)

Project Work: 5 to 15 hours / week
- Workaway Recruitment - Interviewing
- Minor Repairs: Painting, Light Fixtures, Special Cleaning
- Event Development / Organization
- Social Media: Instagram / Facebook etc

Weekly Tasks: 3 to 5 hours/ week
- Inventory (30 min)
- Property Project List - Update (15 min)
- Manager Priority List - Update (15 min)
- Daily Envelopes Organization Reconciliation (1 hour)
- Scheduling (30 min)
- Workaway correspondence (1 - 2 hours)



Hostel Manager


1366 Calle Wilson, San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico
Job first posted: 05 March 2020
Updated: 05 March 2020