General Manager for multiple mutualistic businesses based at Denali National Park AK

We are looking for a General Manager for our collection of businesses located at Denali National Park, Alaska. The businesses include Denali Hostel & Cabins, Sheep Shuttle, Chain Lynx Bike Shop, and Denali Photo Guides.

Job Description

The General Manager (GM) is a new position for our collection of businesses and responsibilities will be dynamic and are expected to evolve over time. This description is intended to give a general overview and is not exhaustive of all potential duties.

For Denali Photo Guides, responsibilities will be minimal and mostly tied to assisting with hiring, onboarding, and supporting any administrative or human resource needs as they come up.

For the hostel, shuttle, and bike shop, the GM will be responsible for overseeing all daily and long-term operations including human resources, budgeting, and the guest experience. The GM will be responsible for financial operations including budgeting, financial planning, sales, and expenses. The GM will conduct all human resources tasks including recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and performance reviews. The GM will oversee the onsite employee housing. All staff will report directly to the GM and the GM will report to the owners. The owners will work very closely with the GM and their relationship will be similar to a partnership.

Compensation & Time Commitment

The estimated annual salary is $30,000.

This is a full-time year-round position with seasonal fluctuations. March through September will require an average of 40 to 60 hours per week and October through February will require an average of 10 to 20 hours per week with periods of time off. The off-season is extremely flexible.

The ideal candidate will commit for a minimum of 2 years. After the first year, compensation will include profit sharing which will increase in subsequent years.

Start Date

The ideal candidate will start immediately and no later than early February, 2023.


This position requires on-site presence from May to September and is remote for the off-season.

Job Functions

· Human Resources

o Recruit, hire, train, and manage staff (including receptionists, housekeepers, property maintenance, drivers, and bicycle mechanic)

o Ensure team morale is maintained, identify and resolve potential problems

o Ensure onsite staff housing is adequate and comfortable

o Maintain systems for communication, tasks, and daily checklists for staff

o Develop and implement Standard Operating Procedures

o Support the owners to develop employee handbooks/guidelines as needed

o Ensure health and safety for staff and guests while on property

· Guest Services

o Ensure customer satisfaction by supporting the staff with tools and skills to provide excellent customer service, monitor and maintain high standards of service, resolve complaints

o Assist marketing team with responses to all reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc.

o Facilitate group bookings, logistics, and experiences

o Ensure the front-end website experience is easy to use and facilitates sales

o Engage with guests casually while on the property to ensure they are having a good experience

· Sales

o Work with our marketing team to develop and implement sales strategies

o Develop new sales strategies such as group and retreat bookings with multiple packages

o Develop and maintain relationships with local businesses

o Represent the company and maintain relationships with Alaska tourism affiliate organizations and in-state tourism partners

o Maximize lodging revenue

o Capitalize on opportunities for upselling through our gift shop, tours, and bike rentals

o Develop strategies to engage staff & guests with our social media and inspire staff & guests to contribute photos and stories of their adventures

o Photograph guests and staff on the property for social media

o Note: the marketing team will be responsible for posting social media content

· Financial Operations

o Develop annual and monthly expense budgets and revenue forecasts

o Complete monthly finance reports

o Develop operational metrics for performance, productivity, and efficiency and implement correctional measures

o Seek out and apply for grants

· Physical Operations

o Manage inventories for property supplies, gift shop, and tools, including daily needs and long-term needs (e.g. cleaning supplies and mattresses)

o Coordinate daily and long-term maintenance needs with the property manager

o Implement health and safety protocols for staff and guests

· Other

o Fill in for receptionists or housekeepers when needed for illness or personal days

o Be the point of contact for Covid-19 response or emergency response

o Support the owners to ensure compliance with legal operating requirements, such as safety, labor, ADA, equal opportunity, etc.

o Delegate responsibilities as needed and when appropriate

Desired Skills & Experience

· Hospitality industry

· Denali or Alaska tourism industry

· Team management

· High proficiency with Apple computers

· High proficiency with web-based technology

· Fast learner

· Long-term Vision oriented


Minimum age of 21 years old.
Valid driver’s license and clean driving record.
Valid First Aid & CPR certification. The cost will be reimbursed with the first paycheck. Must submit a receipt. Online certification may be obtained here:
Completed Leave No Trace awareness course:
Ability to be legally employed in the United States year-round.
Functional cell phone with Wi-Fi-enabled calling. AT&T is the best carrier in Alaska.



Hostel Manager


Mile 224.1 George Parks Highway, Denali National Park, AK 99755
Job first posted: 15 January 2023
Updated: 15 January 2023