Get paid to live in the most beautiful and wild place on Earth - Denali, Alaska!

Applications for the 2020 season are available now and must be submitted by January 15, 2020. The work season begins on May 8 and ends September 18, 2020. Please visit for more details.

Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, fun, and caring environment for our guests and employees where the opportunity to experience Denali National Park is nurtured.

Employees help create a memorable experience for our guests from around the world during what might be their one-and-only trip to Alaska. Our employees make the difference between a great stay for our guests and a stay that is nothing special. To make every guests’ experience special, we need staff that can provide helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly service with a dedication and commitment to our mission. We depend on our staff to continue our tradition of being a great place to stay and work.

We strive to locate and hire high quality people to create a tight-knit and caring team. To that end, employees need to be team players who naturally cultivate a positive experience for guests and staff alike. As employers, we do everything we can to help you have a fun summer working in a friendly atmosphere. Denali is our home; we love it and we want to enable other passionate people to live and work in the most beautiful place on earth.

Being a staff member of the Denali Hostel means that you are part of a team of people who have fluid and dynamic responsibilities throughout the day and season. We strive to create harmonious living and working conditions and expect everyone to assist co-workers with responsibilities to the best of their ability when needed. Employees should be efficient, organized, courteous, and amicable. Employees are expected to maintain a clean and professional appearance.

Because of the dynamic responsibilities required, all applicants must possess strong multi-tasking skills and excellent focus. It is important to have outstanding and professional interpersonal skills and to be able to remain calm and courteous in what can be a busy and demanding day-to-day operation. Employees must have strong attention to detail and thorough cleaning and organizational skills.

The job positions available include a combination of Front Desk, Housekeeping, and Shuttle Driving. All staff are expected to perform all duties. Depending on ability, all staff will also be asked to work on various projects on property including, but not limited to: deep cleaning, maintaining the fire pit area, stocking firewood, making signs, general maintenance, and beautifying the cabins & grounds.

In general, we expect employees to work 40 hours per week for the entire duration of the work season. Schedules are generally 10 hours per day, 4 days per week, with 3 consecutive days off. Each shift will include a mix of driving, office work, and housekeeping. Occasionally, overtime will be required. We want to provide you the time and opportunity to get out into the park and explore Alaska when possible. Shift swapping is permissible.

On-site housing is provided for a small rental fee. We have clean, cozy campers with electricity, heat, refrigerators, and stove tops. Rent includes utilities and wireless Internet access. Employees have access to the common kitchen, bathrooms, showers and laundry. These common amenities are also used by the guests (who are mostly gone during the day).

The location of the Denali Hostel is considered remote. Although we are located on the highway system there are no major towns nearby. There is access to medical help and supplies nearby. Employees are expected to be independent, self-sufficient, and adaptable.


Paid Hostel Staff


224 Parks Hwy, Denali National Park and Preserve, AK 99755, USA
Job first posted: 07 December 2018
Updated: 07 December 2018


Administrative Assistance
Building Maintenance & Repairs
Greeting / Helping Travelers (Concierge)
Hostel Cleaning / Housekeeping
Hostel Reception / Front Desk

*This Hostel is willing to provide training