Hostel General Manager in the Caribbean

Have you ever wished that you could see the ocean from your office?
If so, we just might be what you're looking for!

We are looking for a General Manager to run our fun, laidback hostel located in a Caribbean paradise!

What you are responsible for:
-Updating websites as needed.
-Managing all personnel and guests concerns.
-Ensuring that the property stays clean and organized.
-Creating a daily game plan for the team and following up on all assignments.
-Keeping open lines of clear communication with the Operations Supervisor and the Co-Manager.
-Reception (being kind and courteous to all travelers staying with us by making them feel welcome and providing recommendations of fun things to do around the island).
-Housekeeping (understanding the ins and outs of room cleanliness and setting the standard).
-Being aware of maintenance issues and following up on them appropriately. We live on a very rural island, with this in mind one must have patience and the ability to be resourceful. Getting the resources needed here isn’t always a simple task.
-You will spend most of your time training team members. The General Manager and Co-Manager are the only permanent employees. All other workers are volunteers that stay with us anywhere from 1 to 3 months at a time. This means that constant training and the ability to keep the team motivated and morale high is a must. We typically host between 4-12 WorkTraders at a time that live on site. If you do not like repeating yourself and get frustrated training new people, this is not the job for you.

What we are looking for:
-At least 2 years management experience.
-Social Media/Marketing experience preferred.
-Prior experience working in the hospitality industry.
-A positive attitude with an approachable demeanor.
-Someone who enjoys training and interacting with customers.
-Minimum 1 year commitment.
-In accordance with United States law, we require proof of United States Citizenship or proof of work eligibility (such as a Work Visa or a Green Card) in order to be eligible to work in Puerto Rico. Please do not proceed with the application process if you do not have these documents. We are unable to sponsor foreign workers.

What we offer:
-5 days/40 hrs a week.
-$550 paid weekly.
-We offer health insurance and year-round employment, which is not typical for most businesses here. Health insurance is $60 a week, but The Lazy Hostel will pay 50% costing you $30 weekly for the best health insurance available in Puerto Rico (Triple-S).
-A set schedule with two consecutive days off every week. This position’s level of responsibility comes with the occasional need for schedule flexibility to handle one off scenarios as needed.
-1 free meal a day (up to a $20 value) from our attached restaurant.
-An unlimited supply of free sodas and juices.
-1 free alcoholic shift drink every day that you work.
-Housing assistance can be provided upon request. The housing we can provide would either be a private room at our hotel or a private room in our crew house which is a house rented off site. We ask for flexibility as we may need to shift you around based on how many other employees we are also providing housing for. This isn't something that would often happen but there is a possibility it might happen. Rent is $100 a week.



Hostel Manager


61A Calle Orquideas, Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765
Job first posted: 02 July 2021
Updated: 02 July 2021


Hostel Management

*This Hostel is willing to provide training