Housekeping & Reception in the Caribbean

The Lazy Hostel is a budget traveler's accommodation offering clean and comfortable but inexpensive beds to those who want to make the most of their time on Vieques, Puerto Rico.
We are located in Esperanza, on the south side of the island. You couldn't dream up a better location if you tried! We are attached to the most popular late night bar on the island! We're directly across the street from the beach and right in the center of island activities like jet skiing, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, paddle boarding and more. Easily walk to five beaches, two groceries, six tour companies and over eleven restaurants and food trucks. There's something for everyone ALL within walking distance!

We currently offer a 25 hour a week work exchange program (24 hours of work spread between 3-4 days, plus 1 hourly staff meeting). Each week, you will have at least 3 days to explore Vieques! We ask for a minimum of a 4 weeks commitment, and a maximum of 12, with chances for exceptional WorkTraders to discuss extensions. We typically host between 4-8 WorkTraders at a time depending on how busy we are. I personally believe that we offer the most inclusive WorkTrader program in the Caribbean with 3 daily meals provided, free laundry, discounts on food & alcohol at our attached restaurant/bar AND lodging.

Some specifics may not be listed here, but this is a general idea of what the work consists of: checking people in at the front desk, inputting reservations into the computer, being helpful and courteous to any of our guests when they have questions, taking phone calls, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the rooms, doing laundry, watering the plants, detail cleaning the dumpster area, checking the entire premise for garbage or cobwebs, painting the inside and outside of the building, etc..

We are also looking to host 1 volunteer at a time that could run our social media accounts. This task should take about 6-8 hours a week and would be counted towards your weekly hours. In order to qualify for this particular assignment, you must have prior experience and be self-motivated, as this task is often unsupervised. If you agree to fill this position but you are not keeping up with it you will be reassigned.



Work Trade/Exchange


61A Calle Orquideas, Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765
Job first posted: 22 April 2021
Updated: 22 April 2021