Live-In Supervisor

Position: Live - in Supervisor/Volunteer

The Live-in Supervisor is generally responsible for the smooth running of the business alongside the Management. The Live - in Supervisor is capable of coordinating and organising daily operations. The Live-In Supervisor is responsible for the Evening Reception and working alongside the Manager.

Accommodation, Breakfast and a Salary between £150 - £250 per week depending on capabilities and hours worked is available to the right person.

Job Type: Responsible for Evening Operations, covering some Day shift Operations.

Personal requirements:

Good Communication Skill
Excellent Customer Service Skill
Excellent Problem Solving Ability
Ability to work under pressure
Ability to work in a busy environment
Ability to be Re- and Proactive
Excellent Organisation Skills
Excellent Complaints - Solving Skill
Good Leadership Skills
Ability to be working as a part of the team
Full flexibility
Duties will include:

Front desk
Check - In(s) and Check - Out(s)
Managing housekeeping
Managing breakfast operations
Managing Rotas
Recruiting and managing live in helpers and workaways and all other staff
Effective management and pricing of the available inventory
You will be familiar with using a PMS and channel manager.Managing and maintaining appropriate staffing levels and will be essential to smooth operations.
Experience in a similar role is essential.
You will be familiar with cancellation policies and with working with OTAs, Channel Managers and PMSs systems.
Job Type: Full-Time



Work Trade/Exchange
Paid Hostel Staff
Hostel Manager


Job first posted: 06 November 2018
Updated: 06 November 2018