Manager for Small Colorado Mountain Town Hostel

We are beginning to look for our next manager as ours heads off to Alaska and more adventures this spring!

The job would begin in March, 2019. This job is to run and manage a small hostel -- four private rooms, and a 9 bed dorm. Our clientele vary from B&B type guests to typical hostel guests, including through hikers on the Colorado Trail and CDT. We are NOT a party hostel, but rather lively, fun, and very upscale for a hostel.

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We are fairly open with management experience in this position, more important are the abilities to be self directed and self motivated, work independently, super super clean (as far as the hostel goes) and organized to accomplish tasks in the amount of time given so you don't get overworked. Job experience in positions with limited oversight will be weighed highly. Please include experience relating to the above in your cover letter.

Communication skills are very important in this job -- you are running the hostel and communicating regularly with the owner, who has a very direct and clear style of management. Female applicants are preferred.

This is a paid position with a private room on site as part of the compensation. One year minimum stay is expected. Hours are 30-40 in the off season and 40-50 during the three month summer season. The job includes performing guest services and management duties five days a week with two full weekdays off (working weekends). At least four weeks paid vacation included, likely more.

Please include a current resume and cover letter (email) with any inquiry into this position.




225 Grand Ave, Salida, CO 81201, USA
Job first posted: 23 December 2018
Updated: 23 December 2018