Truckee, Lake Tahoe California Hostel Seeks Volunteers and a Long-Term Manager ( in Smaller Mountain Town in the USA)

We are looking for general volunteer help including front desk / reception / bartending / house keeping with possible minimal cooking and snow play (snow shoveling so we can get to the door).

- Lodging provided for volunteers. Volunteers should expect to commit to a minimum of 2 months.

- We are also looking for a long term manager. This position is on-site and involves overseeing all volunteers, general staff, training, bar and events. Ideally, this person starts as a volunteer to learn all the workings of the hostel and we can see how they are. The position would progress to a paid position and then this person takes on scheduling and volunteer management.

Do you love the snow and mountains, or want to meet travelers and people from other cultures? Do you love wearing costumes and hats, singing, dancing or juggling? We're looking for for creative people who would enjoy a space where they get to be eccentric and gregarious to help us create a magical experience for every guest who comes here. We would love for you join us and and become part of our family.

We want people to stay with us who are interested in doing things and immersing themselves in the hostel, resort and Truckee communities. We would like you to share your adventures with other guests to make them feel welcome and well oriented when they come to town. We are looking for people who will learn about the area and help us share what to do with other guests. We are ideally looking for someone who is not only outgoing, but cares about others too and who will help us maintain an environment that is friendly and feels like home.

Are you an artist? Are you interested in painting murals or creating sculptures or found object art? Our space is still relatively new and have left many spaces blank to be filled like a canvas. We love it when our community contributes to helping us build our space. This type of help is needed between April through June, October to mid December.

It's imperative our volunteers/ helpers / workers are easy going, and very accepting of a social environment. Computer skills are a plus.

This is not the ideal space for heavy smokers, drinkers or partiers, though social abilities are verrry helpful. We love to have parties, but aren't a party hostel. Please apply if only if you like being around people and sharing communal space.

Shifts range from 0 to 9 hours per day with up to 3 to 5 days / week. A 3 month minimum stay is preferred.

Helpers should come away from this experience with knowledge of operations of a hostel, additional computer skills and problem solving. If you already have some of this experience, even better!

We offer a private bunk in a shared dorm setting. Quarters are tight and there is very little private space. Bathrooms and showers are down the hall or on another floor. The hostel offers free wi-fi and use of all the facilities. Helpers get discounts! Helpers have first pick of free food (there is always tons of different food available during high season). Our kitchen has condiments, spices and oils for cooking. We also have a coffee maker, which usually has free coffee available next to it left by other weekend-only guests. We also have a bar/reception area that has a rotating free snack/tapas menu that can range anywhere from popcorn, fries, soups, hummus plates, etc. We may serve tapas when groups gather. However, helpers must provide their own regular meals. Additional compensation is possible depending on the work arrangement!

We are a social hostel in Truckee, California that has guests from all over the world pass through. We pride ourself on our commitment to art, music and creativity in various forms and encourage our guests to contribute to help shape the community they live in. Our guest accommodations are high quality with custom bunks in shared rooms. There are also private rooms and a studio suite. Communal amenities include a kitchen, dining room, movie room, sauna and a beer and wine bar/lounge also available to the public. The hostel is in downtown Truckee across from bars & music venues, restaurants, bus station and train station. Ski resorts Squaw Valley, Northstar, Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, Boreal are all within a 1/2 hour drive (buses also go to the resorts). Guests and volunteers staying here have the opportunity to take part in numerous winter snow sports and play in the mountains, as well as the river and Lake Tahoe in the summer. We are located in the heart of our historic downtown enveloped in the arms of the mountains.

During high season, we generally have longer term international guests and shorter term guests from the USA.

High season is from mid-December through March and July through September. During those times we concentrate on our guest experience. During the other months, we still run the hostel / lounge and work on art projects and improvements to anything that has to do with the overall feel of the place. We look forward to creating murals in the low season to come!

Moki, is our house dog. She runs the show.



Work Trade/Exchange
Hostel Manager


10101 W River St, Truckee, CA 96161, USA
Job first posted: 31 December 2017
Updated: 31 December 2017


Greeting / Helping Travelers (Concierge)
Hostel Cleaning / Housekeeping
Hostel Reception / Front Desk
Murals & Art

*This Hostel is willing to provide training