Volunteers for September | Caveland in Santorini

We are looking for 2 volunteers for our hostel in Santorini with a start on September 1 and a duration of 4-5 weeks. Two friends or a couple would be preferable, as you'll be sharing a bunk beds and a room at our staff accommodation.

Your tasks:

Help at breakfast
Help with housekeeping
Sweeping and outdoors maintenance
Keeping the conversation flowing in the evening and helping to create the right vibe

English is must, any extra language is a big plus

We expect daily commitment of 4 hours as an exchange for accommodation, free breakfast and 50 Euros a week pocket money.

If interested, send us an email to [email protected]


Paid Hostel Staff


Santorini 847 00, Greece
Job first posted: 24 January 2020
Updated: 24 January 2020