Hello! I recently graduated from university with a degree in comparative literature. I am 22 years old and hail from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I have lived all of my life. I speak English and French and hope to start learning German in the summer. I've traveled extensively through Western Europe, visiting about 6 times. I have just returned from my most recent trip, during which I traveled to 4 different countries across the span of 6 weeks. I'm energetic and outgoing and rarely need sleep. I love people, I love to experience new areas and the dynamism of different spaces. I'm unafraid and adore intense environments. In terms of my work ethic, I am extremely organized and meticulous. The same energy I devote to people, I devote to my work. I would be more than happy to travel anywhere for any amount of time. I'm just excited to take a big bite out of life. Cheers! Dana

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