Contacting Hostel Jobs Workers

Screenshot of Hostel Management showing Add Job Posting Menu

Only Hostels Can Contact Workers has the largest number of hostel worker profiles of any site on the Internet.  These are not just people looking for a job.  These are people with knowledge and passion for hostels.  They're people who truly understand the magic of hostels and possibly even have experience working in hostels.  To protect hostel workers from scammers and spammers, we now only allow  hostel owners and managers on to contact workers. 

How do I contact these workers?
To ensure workers are only receiving job offers from bona fide hostel owners and managers, you will need to be a paid subscriber on with a
profile that's linked the hostel you own or manage. 

What are the steps?
1.  Create an account on  If you already have an account, just login. 

2.  Join as a Supporting, Professional or Industry Leader member.

3.  Claim your hostel. 

4.   Select Jobs > Find Hostel Workers on

5.  Once you are a subscriber, you can also create a job posting to attract exactly the worker you are looking for.