18 year old traveller looking for hostel Jobs in Spain

I am Looking to kick my gap year off with a 2 or 3 month spell in a Spanish Hostel. I've had a bit of hospitality and retail experience before in a bar and a bakeryt, and I've stayed in a lot of hostels in my recent trip around europe.I speak Spanish pretty much fluently...so...if there's anything knocking about out there or if anyone's got any advice, please add to the thread...I'm sure there are others of a similar content, so I'll be have a search look myself as well! I have just finished my A levels and am looking to work abroad in Europe, before going on to South America to travel, work and volunteer. I love life, I write, play guitar and sing,I try and have fun!I have had a few previous jobs and now I am looking to have an awesome time on my gap year and just do everything I've been wanting to do but could't because I was at school.




Job first posted: 18 August 2013