The Backpackers Hangout of Tallinn is looking for

The Red Emperor Hostel & Bar is looking for travelers who:

- would enjoy a break from backpacking and would like to settle down somwhere for a bit
- love the fact that the Red Emperors is not only a great new hostel but also a public bar
- who would enjoy learning about setting up a new hostel, would love to contribute to the process
- who are creative and willing to execute their ideas
- who like being part of a community of live in staff
- we are looking for both bar/reception staff and travelers who would help us with decorating, finishing up the place
- the duration of your stay is negotiable as well as other terms, working hours (in general 2-3 days of work is required for accommodation and dinners or full time work for salary)

If you are interested and would like to share your ideas about the ideal hostel with us or would just like to hang out in Tallinn
- email us: [email protected]




Job first posted: 27 November 2011