Do you give your workers a fair deal?

I posted one of these job vacancy announcements on a website frequented by backpackers.

The responses showed a very negative attitude, largely due to the low (or nil) wages that are paid. One comment was:

"Hostel work is basically the last resort of people who've blown all their money and need to work in exchange for a bed until someone wires them the cash for a plane ticket home. Aside from that? Cleaning up puke day in, day out for less than peanuts? No thanks!"

I once followed up a vacancy for a hostel manager. The owner was not very satisfied with his current manager. The job had some merit, but for such a responsibility (essentially you were on duty all day, in the sense of having to carry a mobile phone wherever you went) the pay was just derisory, nowhere near minimum wage. (There was free accommodation included, which was not helpful in my case but could be for some.)

I have met a few very enthusiastic and dedicated backpacker-managers, but in at least some cases they have had to resign because the pay was inadequate.

What do hostel owners think? Do you pay well to get good people? Have any of you been through this stage before planning to run your own hostel?




Job first posted: 29 January 2008