Do you want to run a little hostel in Europe?


if you do not believe, that the world is going to collapse in 2012,
but want to try yourself out in the hostel industry,
it is your chance to do that!
Challenge and achieve for your future!

If you ever dreamed to run a little hostel, understand the marketing a bit,
know how to develop a website, are not afraid to clean and wash, sometimes even fix little things, wait for guests, make shopping for necessary things in a different country,
are reliable and responsible,
I offer you a season in Budapest with accommodation and my whole knowledge.
In the first time I would be with you and then you would run it alone!

It is an easy job in a very nice area and a great experience!
And if you do it well a little payment as well!

Any other details am giving only to serious applicants!

Pls. send your CV and your motivation, why want to do this experience to Agnes at [email protected]




Job first posted: 29 January 2012