Flying Pig Beach has job openings!!!!!!!

The flying pig is famous for our parties and laid back attitude. :rolleyes:
We give our guests the ultimate pig-speriance we are looking for flexible people who provide the high customer service we give.
We are stationed 1 min from the beach itself!!! :)

We have the following job opportunities;

:p Drivers, to drive a shuttle bus between hostel in Amsterdam and Noordwijk

:p Cleaners/night shift

:p All sorts of technical people (plumbers, electricians, painters.)

What we offer you....
:cool: A fantastic time at the Beach! :cool:

Min 5 hours of work per day, 6 days a week in exchange for food and accommodation which consists of:
Breaky, lunch, dinner and drinks! :eek:

A bed in a shared room with one or two other colleagues
We have staff prices for beers and wine and you can earn activity pints entertaining the guests!

You need to be legal to work in the Netherlands:
The following nationalities can work: Canadians, Australians, Kiwi’s, ( with working visa) and all people from the EU

:confused: Why can some people not work legally? :confused:
This is because both countries have no agreement with each other. Unfortunately the Flying Pig cannot work around these agreements.

send us a email [email protected]




Job first posted: 09 February 2010