Get a hostel job right now !!!

Hello backpackers !!!!

Im here to introduce you the new way to travel the world and get a cool job in a hostel.

My name is Marcelo and I´m a volunteer at Worldpackers.

Let me explain what it is... Worldpackers ( is a platform that connects hostels and volunteers around the world.

You just need to create a free profile at the website, and start to look for a job at those 200 (until now) subscribed hostels around the world.

Its quick, easy and free !!!!

If you have any doubt about it, feel free to contact me at It will be a pleasure to help you to travel the world and get a fantastic job in a hostel !!

PS.: If you represent a Hostel, and want to subscribe it in our website, just go to the site and apply for it. Its also free.

Have a good trip !

Volunteer at Worldpackers




Job first posted: 17 March 2014