Help needed for new outdoor sports camp in Portugal

hey out there.
we are setting up a new outdoor sports camp near sintra/ portugal, 40min from lisbon, close to the beach.
the opening is planned for april 2014. as we are working on a small budget we try to make most things ourselves, with the help of friends and volunteers. help needed from now till march/ april.
we can offer food and accommodation in exchange for about 6 hrs of work per day, minimum 5 days per week. lots of different things to do, so everybody is welcome, for any period of time, from a few days to several months... work will be mainly construction and decoration.
a first version of our homepage just went online, so check it out and contact me, if you are interested!


cheers, ralph

The Lodge is an outdoor sports resort situated in the natural park of Sintra/ cascais, right above Praia Grande beach.




Job first posted: 28 November 2013