•• Live & Work in Paradise! (Cancun, Mexico!! 6-month minimum)

Got talent, want to live & work in paradise, & join an amazing team at one of Mexico’s Top Hostels??


• Beach weather year-round?
• Slow Travel?
• Mexican food?
• Amazing parties?
• Working with people in a social, multi-cultural work environment?

…and like to:
• Party
• Go to the beach
• Work with people
• Travel
• Party
• Practice/Learn languages
• Go Diving
• Explore Mayan Ruins
• Party..?

…and would you consider yourself:
• Responsible
• Hard working
• Out-going
• Energetic
• Proactive?
• Postive?

If you said ‘YES’ to all of the above, then we want YOU to work with US at Kabeh in Cancun, MEXICO!

We're a friendly, fun Hostel that opened in the summer of '09 that’s evolving into three Hostels, a Backpacker Bar, and Restaurant.
Our goal is to make travelers feel like this is truly their home away from home. We're pretty relaxed and easy going with our travelers and we like to make people feel comfortable here. We do all kinds of things in order to achieve this, including not having a check out time or a breakfast time. We believe in slow travel and we think that there's no point, or need to rush people while they're on the trip of a lifetime.

On the other hand, we need truly energetic, passionate people to keep this place going and maintain our high standards of customer service (93% rating on HostelWorld!). We have staff working reception 24/7, 365, and activities every evening at around 8:30 pm. Since our inception, we've been striving to be one of the top-rated Hostels in Cancun, the region, and the world. We hope you can join our team and help us keep it this way for many years to come! We believe our staff is one of the biggest reasons behind our success, and we're highly committed to keep it that way. We only accept awesome, fun, hard working, friendly, active travelers. Why?
You're the soul of the Hostel!


Reception Managers should be especially dynamic, proactive, and willing to roll with the punches and cover any task necessary to help the team
A positive attitude and the ability to work as a team are a must.

Tasks that Reception Managers are expected to fulfill with us depend on the specific shift they take, but generally include:

- Organizing, supervising, and coordinating the volunteer team at the Hostel
- Receiving and charging travelers checking into the Hostel
- Keeping enough change on hand for daily operations of the Hostel
- Assist in identifying and training new volunteers
- Booking Tours and Activities for travelers
- Purchasing supplies for the Hostel when necessary
- Be capable of cleaning rooms, toilets, changing beds, or anything that may be necessary
- Must be responsible for maintaining their cash organized (in multiple currencies)
- Must have experience with customer service.
- Must be tech-friendly. You need to be able to use or be willing to learn to use a scanner, WhatsApp, Slack, and the PMS we operate (Property Management System).
- Coordinate assigning beds for new arrivals as well as which beds/rooms need to be changed, and perform these changes if necessary
- It’s imperative that you work extremely well as a team. Given the multicultural environment we experience at the Hostel at all times, patience, clear communication skills, and a sense of humor are critical to keeping an upbeat workflow.
- Multilingual skills are highly valued. English is critical, basic Spanish is necessary, and any of the following languages are a huge perk: French, German, Dutch, Hebrew, Australian (xD…srly tho), and/or any of the Scandinavian languages.

Under extreme circumstances, we may hire an Entertainment Manager directly into the position, but under normal circumstances, all Reception Managers are hired out of the Volunteer pool at the Hostel (Everyone starts off as somebody’s bitch, don’t they?… haha). This allows for staff to ease into life at the Hostel, learn the ropes a bit at a time, climatize to the heat, and get a taste for the social environment we aim to maintain at all times. If you’re interested in a paid position with us, but are willing to start as a volunteer, please take a look at our volunteer ad:


...and instead of "Hostel Life" in the title of your email, please write “BunkParadise” so it doesn't get ignored and we know that you’re interested in the paid Reception Manager position vs the volunteer position.


We try to maintain a culturally, linguistically and gender-diverse, yet balanced team. We usually have at least three full-time reception managers and two part-time reception managers. As such, we try to maintain 2-3 male and 2-3 female solo travelers around the ages of 18-35 on the team. Please feel free to apply for the job if you feel that you’d be a great fit even if you do not meet these parameters for whatever reason. Also please note that as the title states: These positions carry a 6-month minimum commitment. This is generally not flexible as we need dedicated staff that become local experts. If you cannot stay for at least 6 months, please think hard before applying. (Work visas are unnecessary)

Shifts that Reception Managers may take with us are:

- Morning Shifts (7:45am-4:15pm)
- Afternoon Shifts (3:45pm - 12:15am)
- Night Shifts (11:45pm - 8:15am)

Positions generally available:
* Full Time Reception Manager Position: work 5-6 shifts a week
* Part-Time Reception Manager Position: work 3+ shifts a week
* Night Porter (Night Reception Manager): Same as a Reception Manager, but you must be someone that enjoys working at night. This is always one of the most important shifts to cover, so anyone applying for it will be given priority.

Some nights are crazy with drunkards coming back from the clubs at all hours of the night or clients staying up drinking at the Hostel until 6am, but many times night are relatively quiet. This makes this shift ideal for anyone working a digital job. (Blogging, poker, Graphic Design, Web Design, SEO, etc.) This is generally a male occupied job for security and drunkard reasons, but once again, please feel free to apply if you feel this is the job for you.

Shifts are chosen and published on a monthly basis between the reception managers themselves. If we do not have a specific Night Porter, reception managers will take turns covering the night shift as they see fit. If a Full Time receptionist leaves, you may likely need to take more shifts until a new staff member is found and trained.


Things to Note:
We are NOT a drug-friendly Hostel. Getting shitfaced is A-Ok, but on the legal stuff only. Anyone found with drugs will be asked to leave.
Our amazing location is in downtown Cancun, half a block from Cancun’s central park.

While we don’t offer accommodation in exchange for paid work, we do offer above-average local wages plus commissions for sales on tours and activities.

Some Cost of Living estimates for your budgeting purposes:
Pack of cigarettes: Just over $2 USD and up ($44mxn+)
A can of Cocacola: Less than $1 USD ($12-15mxn)
Tacos cost: Less than $1 USD and up ($15mxn+)
A meal costs: Just over $2 USD and up ($40mxn+)
Beers at our bar cost: Less than $1 USD and up ($15mxn+)


We also offer some Hostel-industry perks. During your time here, you’re expected to be able to explain how to do things and get to places in the region, and since we all love traveling, what better way than getting to know everything first-hand?

After having worked with us for a month, and over the course of the following five months, you can expect to stay at our partner Hostels for free (subject to availability of course) and visit (in no specific order) :

• Isla Mujeres
• Playa del Carmen
• Tulúm
• Cozumel
• Mérida
• Valladolid
• Holbox
• San Cristóbal

You will also be visiting the Ruins of:

1.) Chichén Itzá, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World
2.) Tulúm
3.) and Cobá

You can also expect to:

1.) Swim with Whale Sharks (seasonal: June 15th – Sept. 17th)
2.) Dive or Snorkel at the Underwater Museum
3.) Visit Cenotes (Google image them!)
4.) Drive motorboats
5.) Drive ATV’s and take Zip lines
6.) Party at the largest club in Latin America (The City)
7.) Party at Coco Bongo, one of the most famous clubs in the region
8.) Party at the Mandala Beach Pool Party: The Epitome of the Cancun Spring Break experience
9.) Go Diving
10.) Get a dive certification at extremely low rates.
11.) Visit Cuba with discounted flight and Visa rates.

Obviously all of these things are subject to the discretion and availability of the companies we work with, and to your willingness and availability to do them

Our staff is quite international. We're looking for friendly people who share our passion for traveling, food, enjoy meeting other travelers, are able to speak at least conversational English and a little bit of Spanish (or willing to learn!). Most importantly of all: We're looking for people excited to discover the beautiful Mayan region of the Yucatan Peninsula, who'll enjoy our perfect year-long summer beach weather, people who like to work hard, and party like a rock star to become a part of our awesome team.

So, if you still feel like this might be the place for you and you’re still determined to be part of the team, please remember to take a look at the volunteer post as mentioned above:


...and instead of "Hostel Life" in the title of your email, please write “BunkParadise” so it doesn't get ignored and we know that you’re interested in the paid Entertainment Manager position vs the volunteer position.

We will get back to you as soon as possible to see if we can set up an interview, or simply let you drop by and we can see how it goes from there!



Paid Hostel Staff


Alcatraces 45, Mz10, L26, Supermanzana 22, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico
Job first posted: 13 January 2015


Administrative Assistance
Event Planning / Hosting
Greeting / Helping Travelers (Concierge)
Hostel Cleaning / Housekeeping
Hostel Management
Hostel Reception / Front Desk

*This Hostel is willing to provide training