Hostel and garden work in the Spanish Pyrenees

We are offering a volunteer position during the summer months from July till October, for 28hrs a week of your time we offer: your own room in a shared apartment with a big terrace and amazing views and three meals a day. If you would like to work more hours then we pay for each hour worked over the 28hrs. You can visit the site to our hostel at

Speaking spanish would be very important seeing as most of our guests are from Spain

Please feel free to send me an email at tonytaull@gmail.comHello,
I had lived in and out of hostels for about 8 years traveling my way around several different countries. After many years of traveling I wanted to open one day my own hostel and that day has finally arrived. We opened a hostel up in a small village in the spanish pyrenees just 2 years ago.
I am interested in working with volunteers who are traveling around and would like the opportunity to come and work with us.




Job first posted: 18 March 2014