Hostel in Flagstaff, Arizona

The Grand Canyon International Hostel and the Du Beau Motel are located in Flagstaff, Arizona, a small mountain town about 80 miles from the Grand Canyon. The properties are located within two block of each other and are walking distance to downtown where there are a number of restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, music venues. We are always accepting applications for our work-exchange program. For about 3 hours/day 5 days/week of general housekeeping tasks (primarily cleaning the rooms and bathrooms), you would receive a bed in a staff dorm room (with two other staff members). This is a great opportunity for someone interested in spending time in a beautiful, outdoorsy, town who is happy to live in a communal environment. We ask for a minimum of an eight week commitment.

Please send a resume and responses to the following questions to [email protected] As part of the hiring process, we will conduct an interview over Skype, so please ensure you would be able to do that.

1. Have you ever stayed in a hostel? (explain)
2. The work-exchange program requires about 15 hours/week of work, what else would you be doing in Flagstaff?
3. Why do you want to work at the hostel?
4. Have you ever lived with a roommate? (describe)
5. When would you like to start working at the hostel? End?
6. Anything else we should know?
7. Any questions?

A hostel located in Flagstaff, Arizona.




Job first posted: 30 April 2015