hostel job available in Thessaloniki-Hellas

there will be a job available in August!
This position is to be filled from 22th of July till 25th of September.minimum commitment is 1 month.This jobs requires at least 48hrs per week taking 1 day off.It includes cleaning rooms,bathrooms,common areas,laundry,stiring,checking in n out!
The morning shift starts at 8.00 a.m and the night shift ends at 0.00(midnight).It could be done 8hrs at once or 4hrs in the morning and 4 hrs in the evening-this will be arranged by the manager.
We are looking for someone who is social,responsible,patient,clean and tidy to live and work with us in the hostel.high knowledge of english is required.greek is a plus.
We will offer you accomodation,wi-fi internet,kitchen facilities-fridge,laundry
the salary will be informed upon request
reply to our post with a short cv-introduction about yourself and your contact
looking forward to hearing from u
greetingshello everyone this is Konstantinos.Im the owner of hostel Arabas in Thessaloniki city in Greece.It a very nice,cozy hostel based on traditional architecture of the old city!it is located not more than 15min from the city centre but it feels like you are in a nice small village far far away!the view from up here is unbelievable and the atmosphere is also great.I run this hostel since 2008 so i think there are many things to learn and to do.I invite you all to visit us in Greece,explore Thessaloniki,and live the experience with hostel arabas up in the old city!




Job first posted: 29 March 2013