Looking for Staff ASAP in Granada, Spain

We are a medium sized hostel and we are looking for outstanding and enthusiastic Staff

We have the following job opportunities.

-Breakfast chef (3 days a week)
-Nightshift receptionist (spanish needed, 3 days a week)
-Bartender (5 days a week)
-Activities staff

This is a paid job and we are looking for people that want to work hard with us, make new friends and also take the time to enjoy the experience that Granada offers.

EU passports needed to apply.

If you are interested send your CV and picture to [email protected] are the best place you can be when you travel, you can find everything there from locals that will show you a city the best way you can see it to party animals that just travel. My filosofy is Life is only once so do what you love "Discover, travel and find yourself"




Job first posted: 08 August 2014