Montevideo - new hostel opening

Montevideo Chic Hostel is a new hostel in the heart of Montevideo, and we will be opening our doors for the summer season in mid December.

We are looking for staff who can start in early 2013, both paid and volunteers.
- English, Spanish & Portuguese (at least 2 of these should be fluent)
- strong sense of responsibility and taking initiative
- a desire to provide excellent service and see people pleased with their stay
- flexibility (since this is a new hostel, the exact activities, working hours, etc. will take shape along the way so you should be prepared to adjust accordingly)

For those aspiring to a paid position, we would suggest a first period on a WFA basis, to give us time to know you, and give you time to see if you like the city and the job. (We cannot cover travel costs, so this is probably most suited to those already in the region.)
For volunteers, please be aware that, although your workload will not be heavy, you will be expected to take your duties seriously, failing which you will have to leave.

Something about the hostel: upmarket hostel catering to those who like the informal and friendly atmosphere of a hostel, but demand for higher standards of comfort and privacy than can usually be found in hostels in Latin America. For this reason we only offer private rooms, and have refurbished the building to a high standard. You can read more on our website Montevideo Chic Hostel

Something about Montevideo: it is a city that offers all the entertainment of a capital city (arts, theatre, etc) but is not as chaotic and noisy as other large cities; people are generally friendly and relaxed, the quality of water and air is very good, and a short drive will take you to the beach or to the countryside.

Montevideo Chic HostelI founded Montevideo Chic to create a mid-range offering to young(ish) travellers. Quality and comfort, but still fun - a product that is much needed in South America.




Job first posted: 22 November 2012