Niagara Falls - USA visit two countries from one hostel not to mention a world wonder

Gorge View is accepting intern applications for our 2016 season. Intern duties are full spectrum operations. Gorge View's owner regular does everything from scrubbing toilets, making beds, check-ins and outs to multi-media marketing and business planning. We expect no less from interns but in return give you are rich full experience in hostel management and operations in a premiere hostel. Gorge View is currently the highest rated hostel in New York State on Hostelworld and the highest rated accommodation in Niagara Falls - USA.

Send cover letter expressing your future aspirations in the hostel industry, you internship objectives and observations after reviewing on website and OTA microsites. You're CV should provide your education, experience, travel and language skills.

Gorge View interns will be housed at Gorge View. Necessary Visa's and travel are the responsibilities of the intern any Candidates holding passports that would require a separate Canadian visa to travel there are strongly encouraged to get one. Candidates availability should be no later than June 2016 - April/May arrival possible is preferred.I'm the owner of Gorge View Hostel in Niagara Falls, NY. I've only seen the one hostel so I'm always trying to increase my knowledge of the industry. Despite my narrow experience, Gorge View is one the highest rated accommodations in Niagara Falls, NY and one of the highest rated Hostels in New York State.




Job first posted: 04 November 2015