Now Hiring for On-Site Supervisor at our ITH Adventure Hostel location!

Come join one of the most thriving hostel start-ups in Southern California! We pride ourselves on providing our guests more than just a safe, comfortable, and clean place to rest their heads. At ITH we like to call it the Social Orgasm. We enhance their experience by providing multiple opportunities to interact with fellow guests via Daytime Adventure Activities, Nighttime Social Activities, and Complimentary Breakfast. We like to think of our supervisors as "Ultimate Hosts". Someone who can guide our guests through the ITH experience and ensure the days run smoothly.

Be that ultimate host to an amazing international hostel community. You will work on the Management team and ensure the operation is running up to excellent standards. This is a great entry-level opportunity if you want to pursue a job in hostel management.

Providing guests with a daily authentic local experience and insight into our neighborhoods so everyone who visits ITH is delighted. To assist with the management and leadership of a team of up to 6 staff who are inspired to work for you and ultimately achieve the company’s long-term objectives of creating the best hostel in the world.

This is a live on-site position. You are compensated with a bed in a private pod room and board in exchange for 25 hours per week. The first 25 hours per week are compensated through housing. Hours worked beyond 25 hours per week will be paid.

Monthly performance bonuses will be distributed based on guest ratings.

Skills Required:
Passion For Hosting Travelers
OCD Organized and Clean
Strong Communication Skills
Strong Work Ethic
Passion For Hostels
People Person


Work Trade/Exchange
Paid Hostel Staff
Hostel Manager


1658 Front St, San Diego, CA 92101, USA
Job first posted: 04 August 2016


Administrative Assistance
Email Communications
Event Planning / Hosting
Greeting / Helping Travelers (Concierge)
Hostel Cleaning / Housekeeping
Hostel Management
Hostel Reception / Front Desk
Social Media Marketing
Tour Guide

*This Hostel is willing to provide training