Now looking for volunteers

Hello there, and welcome to Finn McCools hostel.

We are looking for volunteers for our hostel. There is one already helping but we would like for one more person to volunteer. There was one that told us he would come but sadly did not show up without telling us. I apologize for the people that replied and I had to tell sorry we do not need anyone at the moment. Because now we do.
We understand that you might find another place and that is never a problem, all we ask is just to let us know so we do not have to disappoint anyone that actually does want to come.

We are a small hostel with 24 beds in an amazing place just 300 meters from the Giants Causeway. Beautiful view and surroundings in a nice quiet part of North Ireland.

We are looking for people that are not afraid to pick up any job. From cleaning the rooms to check guests in and show them around, cook the occasional breakfast.
You will be working around 24 hours a week and for this you will have free accommodation and breakfast.
Just send us an email if you want to be part of our amazing hostel and team.
And if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we are happy to help were we can.

enjoy your day and we hope to hear from you soon

All the best,
Andre and JaceyTogether with my girlfriend we own a beautiful small hostel, Finn Mc Cools in Northern Ireland. Finn Mc Cools hostel. In an amazing location near the Giants Causeway.

And looking for people that want to join our team.




Job first posted: 02 October 2015