Paid receptionist job at the beach in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay + chef for up to two months (work for stay)

Hi there,

For this hostel: we are looking for receptionists to start at the end of this month.

The offer:
- Full time job in a tranquilo ambience
- Space to develop your skills in the field you prefer, whether it's webdesign, socialnetworking or any other project that benefits the hostel. If you have the right explanation you can get up to one day off a week to work on your project.
- Free accommodation, breakfast, dinner.
- US$ 200/month + commission on sales activities.
- If you're willing to take more responsibilities and you're suitable you can become a shift manager during high season.

What El Diablo Tranquilo asks from you:
- Sincerity, dedication and happiness
- Preferable being able to stay with us for 5 to 8 months
- Willing to work and live next to the beach where it's quiet now but will be booming high season.

Chef job:
We are also looking for a person to cook for the guests for about 1.5 to 2 months. You'll be cooking 5 times a week and receive food and accommodation. If suitable and possible they'll try to set you up with another job afterwards.

To apply for this job, please write directly to [email protected]. If you want to stay up to date about future jobs, fill out this form:




Job first posted: 07 August 2012