Staff Wanted for Belfast Vagabonds Hostel

Best hostel in Belfast is looking for new staff,
starting the second half of May.
This is a volunteering job in exchange of accomodation and breakfast.
The job itself is about 2 hours everyday,from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., plus some breakfast and afternoon shifts during the week.

It is required to speak english fluently.

Then at evening is when the real deal is..
We will require from you to have fun, a lot of fun,
and to be ready to live it as your own house, with a colorfull family,meeting new friends every day.

we are looking for some girls now to balance the genders, but we will keep in mind everyone for the next months in case of need.

To apply send your cv with phone and e-mail contacts to
[email protected]

Have a great time!




Job first posted: 25 April 2015