Summer Hosts wanted on the Adriatic Sea

Invitation to travelers, adventurers, and students of eco-tourism from around the world ... come and enjoy the adventures and challenges of life in Montenegro, apply your experiences or studies in a stunning and exciting environment full of opportunity.

Camp Tipi Hostel is pleased to be able to offer a number of volunteer positions to positive individuals who can afford to get here, we provide accommodation and full use of our facilities to travelers who are excited by the idea of applying their skills in a completely different environment this summer from June.

Our small camp-hostel has its own vibe with garden for campers, BBQ, veggie patch, fruit trees, with a beach down the road, a good flow of travelers, and a need for energetic, proactive, young, hip individuals with good ideas to make sure the good times keep rolling whatever the crowd and that a stay at Camp Tipi Hostel will be the highlight of every guests trip.

Please contact us by email at [email protected] to find out more about this opportunity.We’re a bit different for a number of reasons. We’re not just a hostel or a campsite but a little bit of both, creating a unique environment for our guests to relax and enjoy. Our project is simple we’ve created an environment where you don’t feel like a visitor but where you can enjoy the feeling of staying at a home from home.

Our location away from the hub of Montenegrin mainstream tourism in Budva is sometimes seen as a minus but we view this as our biggest ‘PLUS”. In a semi rural location, on the outskirts of Budva our guests can experience Montenegro in a way they never would at an urban hostel. We offer nature in abundance. Local scenery, food, smells, sounds, animals and local’s it’s all on tap 24/7.

We combine traditional Montenegrin hospitability with some simple comforts for independent travelers and services to make life that little bit easier for them.

People travel to Montenegro for many different reasons; some for the experience, others for the many activities on offer, its beaches, its nature, its parties, an adrenaline rush or time to chill out, the offer is truly diverse. Whatever their goals while in Montenegro we try and assist guests however we can.

That’s why the real heroes at Camp Tipi Hostel are the Hosts. They are the first point of contact and experience for many guests visiting Montenegro. They are the ones who take the time to get to know our guests not just by name but know where they’re coming from, how they got here, what their plans are and where’ll they’ll be going next and what we can do to make sure the Camp Tipi Hostel experience is a memorable one.

Summer 2012

2010 was the first year of our Camp-Hostel project in Montenegro and we were blown away by guests feedback, this summer we aim to make it even better.

Our guests will now be able to stay in Montenegro first Tipi. The aim is to build an identity for the project around the iconic Tipi and integrate the Camp-Hostel in friendly way with the surrounding environment. Along with expanding our organic vegetable garden, adding more fruit trees we want to consider other ways to integrate with nature during the summer months.

If you feel you have an outgoing personality with an appetite to meet, help and entertain a couple of hundred people over a three month period and still have energy left over to develop the eco-camp hostel concept, we’d love to hear from you.

If you are interested please email your CV to [email protected] with a brief letter and a picture if you want!




Job first posted: 02 April 2012