Top Rated San Diego Hostel Chain Now Hiring for Management, Reception, and Housekeeping Positions!!!

One of San Diego's top rated hostel companies is looking for Management, Receptionist, and Housekeeping positions at its Hillcrest location. The ITH Zoo Hostel & CoLive is a hybrid community made up of nightly hostel guests from all over the world along with monthly residents comprised of students, artists, and musicians. We host daily and nightly activities that are aimed at enhancing the social experience for the guests. There are opportunities available for both Hourly Paid & Work Exchange positions. Please see more job details below;

*****Work Exchange Option - 24 Hours per week in exchange for bunk in staff room and two meals per day. All Furnishings, Utilities, WiFi, and Cable services included within package. Any hours worked beyond 24 hours per week are paid at $12.50 per hour.*****

Receptionist Duties:
The Receptionist position at a hostel should really be called the "Master of Ceremonies". This role has a significant impact on the overall energy and vibe of the establishment. You are most often the first and last interaction with the guest and you control the narrative of the companies mission and objectives. Beyond that you have to be able to handle the processing and reconciliation of monetary transactions, manage phone and email communications, troubleshoot guest issues, concierge services, minor housekeeping tasks, and Wash/Fold Laundry on a regular basis. Must be fluent with English

Housekeeping Duties:
DEEP CLEAN the facilities Common Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Lounge areas. Strip and Flip all beds for outgoing and incoming guests. Clean and detail guest rooms. Wash and Fold Laundry. Must be able to follow detailed checklists and execute existing Standard Operating Procedures.

Management Positions:
These positions have different compensation packages and job responsibilities. Please send your resume and cover letter to discuss further. Prior Hostel Management Experience and References required!

Please provide us with an attached resume with at least two references from past work experience. Please also let us know about your prior exposure to the hostel industry as both a worker and a guest. Let us know why you want to work within the industry and what you think about our company. We look forward to hearing from you!



Work Trade/Exchange
Paid Hostel Staff
Hostel Manager


707 Reed Ave, San Diego, CA 92109, USA
Job first posted: 28 April 2018
Updated: 28 April 2018


Administrative Assistance
Building Maintenance & Repairs
Email Communications
Event Planning / Hosting
Greeting / Helping Travelers (Concierge)
Hostel Cleaning / Housekeeping
Hostel Management
Hostel Reception / Front Desk
Murals & Art
Tour Guide
Web Blogging & Writing

*This Hostel is willing to provide training