Volunteers needed in Eco Lodge Panama

Hi There

I might have something perfect for you. why not volunteer in the mountains around 1.5hrs out of Panama city. It is a 150 hectare finca and we will be doing an eco lodge, we will be focusing on organic permaculture agricultural techniques to run the finca as well, it has 4 hectares of lemons, and a huge array of other fruit tree orchards as well as vegetable and herb fields, a eucalyptus stand, many medicinal plants, two streams with swimming pools, some local tilapia fish, they also have fresh water shrimp. We will also be doing recycling projects, eco toilets and much more If your interested I am looking for some like minded people to help us out, work will involve path clearing, trail clearing, painting, varnishing, lots of flower and herb planting, getting beds ready, some construction work, dredging the pools in the stream of silt, reestablishing the orchards, making signs etc etc...Its been almost abandoned for 9 years and just needs a lot of love. I am hoping to get it to a certain level in 6 weeks and then off course will constantly be improving and maintaining. Have plans for a butterfly garden, underground shipping container bar, jungle hammock getaway a tree house cabin. There are two big waterfalls on the property and 6 hrs hiking on top of the mountain is an ancient Indain buriel site with rock paintings, that is what we have been told but we need to explore.

So not sure how long your planning to be around but if something like this interests you let me know. I want people who are happy to work 8 hrs a day, you will get room and board and freedom to explore this beautiful place during this period if you wanted to stay longer we can work something else out. I am really looking for people who will appreciate it and take care with the work we will do, I could hire local labour cheaply but worry about the standard and care taken for this type of project.
Please feel free to contact me on [email protected]

Look forward to hearing from you

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Job first posted: 21 November 2014