Work exchange program FREE ACCOMMODATION in Kimchee Guesthouses Korea

We are looking for energetic, open minded, friendly and easy going people who can stay with us as part of our volunteer staff in our work exchange program.

You will only have to work 3 hours a day with us and help in daily activities such as: greeting guests, housekeeping, laundry and checking in guests at the reception. You will have one day off per week. If you work 6 hours a day you can have 4 days off per week. After your shift is over you can do whatever you want with your time, traveling, exploring the city.

We are located Seoul and Busan.

For inquiries, please visit our work exchange website at

Compensation = Free accommodation, Free WIFI, Free Food(rice and noodle)


Work Trade/Exchange


858-61 Beomcheon-dong, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea
Job first posted: 03 September 2016

*This Hostel is willing to provide training