Hi, I am 19 and I come from Italy. I can speak fluent English, German and French. I've had some working experiences but not much actually. Despite this I am very willing to work as to make some experiences during my gap year before starting university. I am currently aupairing in Germany but I will be done in April. I would like to make some experiences either in London or in Amsterdam because these two cities fascinate me and I always wanted to visit them once before taking up my bachelor. 

A friend of mine is also looking for jobs around Europe between April and July and it would be ncie if we can travl toogether, so if you need two people , here we are for you :)

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2 years

Hi Michele,

Are you still looking for hostel work in the UK? 

We are a busy backpackershostel in the heart of Nottingham, England and have positions available starting from now! Please email us if you are interested  and we can send you some more info! reception@igloohostel.co.uk

Kind Regards,

Molly @ Igloo Backpackers Hostel

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