My name's Nicole, I'm 20 years old and from North Queensland, Australia. 

From the 6th of July I will be in Barcelona and ready to start work in Spain (however will have arrived the previous week). Depending on how easily I find work, I plan on staying between one and three months. 

I have a lot of experience working in hostels as last summer I managed one in Budapest, Hungary! I had an amazing time and adapted to hostel life and management very quickly, I love everything about it. Here I mainly worked on reception which involved checking guests in and out, applying my knowledge of the city on a daily basis, handling cash eg. deposits/payments as well as organising daily activities for guests through and with the hostel. I also contributed to the daily upkeep of the common areas and dorm rooms, such as the daily changing of bed sheets and upholding general standards of cleanliness around the hostel. Outside of my official duties as a live-in host, I also really enjoyed socialising with guests and exploring the city around me in my spare time.

When I haven't been living or working the hostel lifestyle (sadly), my past jobs have all been in hospitality. These have included waitressing, bartending and prep work in a kitchen, giving me a well rounded perspective on customer service and experience handling. 

A word to best describe myself would be OUTGOING! Like any 20 year old I live for the party, I'm always up for a good time and having fun is my favourite past time. I live everyday as it comes because if travelling has taught me one thing it's to go with the flow, don't worry and just be happy! Having said that, I believe I have a strong work ethic and willingness to learn and can easily adapt to an array of challenges, whilst maintaining healthy relationships with my co-workers and guests. 

Please don't hesitate to respond with any questions you may have about my time in Spain, I'll be happy to answer them!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 

Nicole :) 

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