Hi My name is Floyd Reynolds, I am a 25 year old backpacker from England I have had the chance to travel throughout Europe in 2014 and I have stayed at a long list of hostels in various cities. This has been a life changing experience for me and I have fallen in love with the life style of travelling and meeting fellow travellers. I have a keen interest in working with and meeting new people and I understand the workings and rewards of a hostel. I would be over the moon if I was given the opportunity for a live in position within Europe even if only temporary. I am a very friendly approachable outgoing person with a passion for travel and meeting new people and have lots of experience in customer service and construction. I have attached a link to my face book page and email. My resume is available on request. https://www.facebook.com/floyd.reynolds.9 [email protected] i would be happy to hear from any hostels who need help and i will be available to Skype most evenings kind regards Floyd Reynolds

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