As titled, I'm looking to change my situation a little bit. I'm living in Madrid at the moment teaching English and I am proficient in Spanish. I'm looking for a relaxed atmosphere with a little bit of a party scene (but nothing too extreme) preferably in Lisbon, Portugal. This is because my next challenge is to learn Portuguese, surfing, to continue my brazilian jiu jitsu training, and meet lots of people doing all three. Having said all that, I would not be against other locations in Europe on the Atlantic coast, as long as it's temperate at least 4-5 months a year. I'm very open minded, patient, an efficient and adaptable worker, but I have ZERO experience working in hospitality. I have worked in many restaurants, so I have a pretty good idea of the service industry in general. As far as compensation, I'm comfortable with work exchange as long as the hours are fair and I would be able to have enough time to give private English classes to earn an income.

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