Hi everyone! :) I'm a 29 years old woman from France who is passionnate about foreign cultures, languages and travelling. Since I've studied translation (into French, from English and German) and have worked in Germany (7 months), England (6 months) and the German speaking part of Switzerland (6 years) I am fluent in French, German and English. In England, I worked as a waiter/barkeeper/housekeeper in a leisure park. I'm a massively social person, I love helping people around me and have travelled mostly with youth hostels so far (in Europe and Canada), which I've enjoyed a lot. I think my knowledge of 3 languages, my sense of responsability, my great communication skills and my flexibility would make me a great asset to hostels. It would also be a great experience for me to work in a hostel so I could continue practicing foreign languages and be in contact with people from all around the world. Im looking forward to hearing from you! Mary

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11 years

Looking for help at the Indy Hostel. Comfortable staff lodging, great neighborhood, guests love us. Check out our website and see if you might be interested. I can tell you more about the position then.

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