NEXT DESTINATION…AUSTRALIA!! Hi there one & all I’m James..a British artist and backpacker from the United Kingdom. After sometime travelling in Europe, I have decided to begin a new chapter and head out to Australia for a year. I plan to spend my time exploring the country and I hope to have the opportunity to work in hostels as I travel around which will mot likely begin in September this year. I love staying in hostels because it’s such a great way to meet other travellers, have fun, chill-out, and get to know new surroundings. I have stayed in a lot of hostels here in Europe, and every time it’s something new and turns out to be a great experience. I feel like Australia would be a fantastic place to do this too and I really want to experience working in a hostel, taking part it events, and being amongst an environment where I can meet people from all over the world. It’s been a plan to travel in Australia for quite sometime now, so I am really excited to explore and see as much of Oz as possible, and it’s not only the popular tourist trail that I am interested in exploring. I want to see the real Australia, and discover what else is out there. I’m open to working anywhere. I’m a friendly person, easy to get along with, and a hard working and reliable person. My experience spans across the board which I am certain will make me a valuable addition to your team. I have experience working in hostels & hotels, cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, preparing rooms for new guests, tons of bar work, painting & decorating, and guiding people around the city and hostel related events. In addition a friendly and open-minded guy, which helps me to take an interest in people and encourage them on their travels and share with them my experiences and journey during my own travels. I feel that this could be an important quality when making guests feel welcome..that they are welcomed by people who have experience travelling and are still travelling. So any hostels out there who may need some help for a few weeks or longer, then I will be happy to hear from you! My resume is ready to be viewed. Follow the link below: Cheers for your time, James ----------- p.s: Just for fun..I am planning to set-up a travel blog soon & maybe a YouTube channel about places I visit and travel tips. If you like to sponsor or commission any travel writing, reviews, stuff for you blog, then that is also something I am interested in doing while I travel. If you are interested then here are some links to my artwork and some information about my work: Instagram: jambo_art

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