Hi! :) My name is Romina Rebuffo and I was born in Argentina. I'm 18 years old, and I speak spanish (mother language) and english fluently. I just got back from a 36 day trip through Europe where i had the chance to see how hostels and travelling alone works. I'm a very curious person ,always seeking for new adventures. I'm very sociable, love meeting new people and I love making people arround me laugh and have fun! I'm laid back (when i know i can be like that) but with important stuff I'm very responsible. I loooove going out ,dancing and making people get drunk! So yeah, my "dream job" is to guide pub crawls! :party: I'm full of energy and i love travelling ! I haven't been a helper before but I'm keen on learning how to be one! I'll be the best helper ever! ... I promise!! I HOPE TO HEARING FROM YOU! Romi! https://www.facebook.com/Romi.Cavalli

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