Hi! I am a fun, positive, well-rounded university student with the strong desire to travel and work abroad. May 17 2017 I travel to barcelona to stay 2 weeks with a close friend, but after that(early June) i wish to start work in Europe. I am open to working in any hostel in a metropolitan city in Europe! I will come to you, no problem,as i will already be in spain :) i can stay and work in the hostel for the whole of the summer of 2017....

Through traveling i have learned that being abroad brings out the best version of myself, I feel strongly that I am meant to live and work abroad, as I would be able to out my best self in my workplace and always radiate positive energy around me. I am a quick learner and I adapt new ideas and environments very easily, and i am very confident that working in a hostel is the job for me.

thank you,


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