My name is Dylan Wolodko. I am a 22 year old electrical engineering student from Canada.

I am seeking summer hostel employment around the world. (May-September)

I am strong, outgoing, humorous, and dedicated worker. Good communication, and a for sure a  people person as I love meeting new people from around the world. My travels have taken me to over 15 countries, working in 5 different countries, along with staying in hostels in every country but Canada and the United States.

I have experience in hostel jobs as I lived throughout Australia and Indonesia for a year and a half.

skills include:
- bartending
- Restaurant
- cleaning
- room upkeep
- check in/check out
- general help around hostel

Little bit about myself:
- extremely outgoing
- Dedicated worker
- Always on time
- Easily coachable and love to learn
- get along very well with others
- Always have a good relationship with other employees
- Very social and easy to get along with

hobbies from home:
- played semi professional hockey for 4 years
- love sports
- volunteer with local teams to coach
- music festivals

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