Hi, my name is Viky and I am one of the owners of Pacot Breeze Hotel. If you are thinking about volunteering/working away from home while making a difference consider Haiti among your options. You came to the right place for what you are looking for. We have been hosting travelers/foreigners for several years now and have helped hour hosts with a variety of purposes/passions. There are several volunteering opportunities available nearby (walking distance) from our location in several nearby schools, churches, NGOs, hospitals, orphanages etc… We can help with the arrangements for you if needed. We actually also need some help running our hostel with front desk work and greeting the tourists we receive weekly. Our past guests have also really enjoyed being able to learn about the amazing Haitian culture and also learning our languages (French and Creole). If you have not been to Haiti before I am sure it will be a great experience! We also have other services (for small fees) that you may be interested in such as airport pick up/ drop off with no problem, breakfast, diner, lunch, laundry etc... We are located in the center of the city, so all the places that you would want to visit will be relatively close. For example the main park of the city called Champs de Mars is at about 10-15 mn walking distance to us. The Haitian Palace (Palais National D’Haiti) (which is now our Ground Zero) was located in the middle of Champs de Mars before the earthquake. Petion Ville is at about 15 mns to our location, easily accessible trough the Route du Canapé Vert. On top of its convenience in distance and accessibility, Pacot is also known to be a safe and peaceful residential area for several years now. And for extra security, our location is secured by very high walls and gates. Plus we have a security guard who is on duty 24 hours a day. Therefore you can be reassured that you will be safe there :) The Pacot Breeze location listed is my family house where I grew up before I came to the US for my studies and so on… A couple of years ago we transformed it into a sort of Bed and Breakfast and added more stories and rooms to accommodate our guests. Therefore, we have several room and room types available. We have Hostel Beds (Dorm Room Type) for $15-$25 per night. We have single rooms ($30/night) with one queen size bed, double rooms ($40/night), with 2 smaller beds, and apartments ($75/night) of three rooms, a small living area, a kitchen with stove and fridge and 2 bathrooms. All the rooms have private bathrooms (single and double rooms). We also have studio type rooms which have a single room, plus a little kitchen with stove and fridge. Volunteers are considered as preferred guests therefore for long-stay volunteering cases (several weeks) arrangements (price reduction) will be made. Thank you again for your interest. We hope to see you at Pacot Breeze Soon! Visit us on Trip Advisor, Airbnb and www.pacotbreeze.com.

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Josh Hostels

8 years

Dear sir

my name mahmoud tawfik egyptian , live in egypt 36 years old

14 years experience in marketing and sales in large companies in egypt

i hope to work with you and im ready

i look to hear from you


[email protected]

mahmoud tawfik

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7 years

Hi :-),

My name is Ana Ivanova from Bulgaria,Eastern Europe.
I would love to come to Haiti and have that amazing work and travelling time :-)
I have a certain experience as a Customer Service agent in many international companies in my country.
I'm a very communicative and open-minded person, have good organisational skills and I'm able to work in a fast pace environment.I love to travel, meet new people and have a good time.
Additionally, I have been 4 summers in the USA and have experience in the Hospitality field.
I'm ready to send more detailed information.
My e-mail is : [email protected]

Thank you for your consideration,

Best Wishes,

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