Hello there! I'm a 19 (soon to be 20) year-old girl from Finland. I'm a math student in Helsinki University and I've been working in a small restaurant for almost two years now. Besides that I've also done a lot of baby sitting and some assistant work in an office. This summer, however, I've decided to pack my backbag and leave my country for an adventure. As a employee I am hard-working, cheerful and I'm used to both working alone and in groups. I'm also good at problem-solving. Using the cash register is easy to me, and thanks to my current job I also handle cleaning and use of cleaning devices, cooking and other restaurant skills, customer service and I also learn new things quickly and adapt myself to new situations easily. I have lots of experience couchsurfing and staying in different kinds of hostels. I speak fluent english and also swedish. Available: Starting June 5. 2016 Contact me here or via email: tea.sadehelmi(at)gmail.com

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