Hey there, first of all I'm Tilly a eighteen year old native English speaking Brit from a small town in Beccles. I'm currently backpacking around Europe (Cracow at this very moment) and to put it bluntly would love the opportunity to find a job working/volunteering in a hostel in Europe, preferably eastern. As soon I'll be forced to return to the United Kingdom to start university in September doing Drama at Kent. I'm an avid traveler wanting to make the most of my gap year, by immersing myself into new cultures and experiences. I'm an open minded kinda gal, always looking on the positive side of life, and constantly seeking for a good time, always with a adventurous, charismatic attitude. I've never worked in a hostel before, but would simply adore to, I'm available as soon as you want me. Waiting for the adventure to begin to start a new chapter in my trip around Europe. Ciao for now!

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