Dear Hostel Team, Since I am extremely interested by the job (hostel manager) you are offering, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Hadi, I am a European citizen born in Tehran and currently living in Belgium. My passion in life is traveling. I love to be surrounded by other travelers and contribute to their travel experiences. So far, I have lived in several countries all over the world for at least one year: Ireland, Iran, Portugal, USA, UK, Spain and Belgium. In addition, I have made extensive and interesting travels through Europe, Cuba, USA, etc. In fact, cultures, people and languages have always fascinated me. I speak, read and write 5 languages and am set on learning more. For many years I worked as a certified Chef in restaurants. With almost twenty years of experience in the service industry, I am very adaptable and comfortable to play any role necessary. For example: I have held positions from cocktail bar or nightclub manager to head chef. Recently, I obtained a TEFL teacher degree (English). I am a passionate flamenco guitar student, outdoor activities and reading are also points of major interest. Being an integral part of a hostel or hotel has been my dream job for over a decade now. So much so that I bought a house in Spain to run my own hostel. Unfortunately, a combination of financial crisis and forest fires made this plan nothing more than a dream. I am convinced I am the perfect man you are looking for and I would very much appreciate it if you would consider me for the current and/or future vacancies. Please find attached my resume. I sincerely hope to hear from you soon, Kind regards, Hadi

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