I must say that there are even specially filmed TV series for beginners in English: in such serial movie actors talk slowly and their speech is very simple. They include Living English - the show for those who are just beginning to learn English, for 42 episodes viewers acquainted the basics of a foreign language. Another example - this Extra English, Youth serial movie about four friends who live in London. The guys talk to each other on spoken English, which allows excellent fill up your vocabulary. To learn perfect English language, you can develop the habit of starting the day on the English-language news channels. Films for learning English How to watch movies in English 1. See a film or a series of several times, as long until you start to understand everything. 2. While viewing something is not clear, stop and cut the part that caused issues. 3. Pause, to look in the dictionary and find an unfamiliar word translation. All the new words better record and teach. 4. Read the movie subtitles in English in advance - so you will know the translation of many unfamiliar words before the show. 5. One of the most effective, but very labor-intensive techniques - a "dictation": listening to a movie, you can record all the text that you hear, and then check on the "Reply". 6. Beginners can first watch the movie in their native language, and then move on to the English audio track. It is also recommended for beginners to watch TV shows and movies with subtitles, but only in English. 7. Gradually move to the playback mode without subtitles, as they are a distraction. And if you already have a deeper knowledge of the subtitle is better to refuse. Some useful source for this purpose. Join 4 Movies @ join4movies.info/ Let me watch this @ letsmewatchthis.net/ Movies 2k @ onlinewatchmovies2k.com/

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