Hello to everyone around the world. After working in an office for many years, I decided to quit that boring life and start traveling. During that time, quite by accident, I helped start and manage Castle Tam hostel in San Jose, Costa Rica where I worked for a year. I fell in love with this work and want to continue it in Europe. I am looking for any hostel work opportunities available in Europe, preferably in the Balkans. In addition to San Jose, I also worked at Kaya's Place Hotel in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica for a month. I worked in all aspects of the hostels' development from renovation and maintenance to website development and social media. Some of the more unique project I did were brewing beer for their bar and hosting my own music concerts. I speak both English and Spanish fluently and have basic knowledge of Portuguese, Slovak and German. Additionally I blog about my travels and have performed as a musician in many venues. Currently I am pursuing an International MBA and when I finish want to eventually start my own hostel. I may appear abrasive in the blog, but don't worry, it's all for show: http://raligitano.blogspot.com/

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