About Me I'm a 29 years old male living in the uk. And I'm looking to start a new life away from all the bad memories I have back in the uk. I have no children or girlfriend. And I'm willing to work hard. My previous jobs are mechanic in a local garage. Worked in a local car breakers yard. I spend nearly 7 years of my life working in the building trade as a duct fitter. So as you can tell I'm very good with my hands and I'm not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I have a full uk driving licence with 0 points and have a uk passport.

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Josh Hostels

10 years

Hi jamie, I can't offer you a job unfortunately but can I suggest looking for Soaring with Eagles, flying with turkeys? On Amazon. Its a great book which will help you immensely. Volunteer while you travel and truly help others whilst healing yourself.
Best wishes!

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