I´m an hospitality management student in the University of Algarve (Portugal). Last summer, I did a interail alone, I went to several places like: Madrid, Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Venice, Budapest, Prague and Amesterdam. In my trip, as a student of hospitality, I observed how it was the service in all the hostels that I stayed and I always wondering how it was to work in a cool place like a good hostel. Also, I want to gain experience in hospitality business, I have a lot in restaurant service and some in Bar. I love to bartending and I never did in a cool bar. I would like to gain experience in reception and accommodation service to. But first of all, I want to learn, for me life should be a constantly acquiring of knowledge. I see, working in an Hostel, a different experience besides a normal hotel, I´m an open mind and I love to live great experiences and meet travelers from all around the world. This is my facebook page:http://facebook.com/martimpcorreia (if you add me as a friend, please send a message saying who are you).

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